One Day, One Game

November 18th, 2012  |  Published in Behind the Scenes, Football, Front Page, Noteworthy

The initial request seemed simple enough. In early October, ESPN: The Magazine photo editor Jim Surber e-mailed to see if I would be available to shoot the Alabama-LSU game in Baton Rouge on November 3. I was, and accepted the job– which I just figured would be a “normal” game action shoot, perhaps with one or two other photographers, of what promised to be a damned good game. It wasn’t until two weeks later that Jim and I had a chance to speak, and I began to realize the magnitude of the assignment. Sure, I would be shooting game action, but it would be as part of a much larger project, and with a much larger team. In short, the magazine was going to devote its entire November 26th issue to this little rivalry matchup. The concept–”One Day, One Game”–would involve a team of thirteen photographers with different specialties, ranging from portraits to documentary work, from architecture to action. When I got the initial team e-mail and saw the names on that address list, I immediately felt somewhat intimidated, a bit out of place, quite humbled, and very flattered to have been included as part of all of this. Now that it’s over, I can honestly say that this was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had as a photographer; being included with such a group and having the opportunity to get to know, work with, and learn from those twelve other shooters* will be one of the high points of my career forever more.

My specific assignment was to cover LSU, concentrating on game action and the sidelines. Prior to the game, I was encouraged to roam around and see what I could find. What a game, what a weekend, and what a great bunch of people to work with. My favorite images are above, and my “Zoom” spread from the front of the magazine, made with a pole camera rigged up with a monopod, ballhead and a 15-foot remote trigger line, is below. .

*The photographers: Emilio Covallino, Ross Dettman, Pouya Dianat, Dominic DiSaia, Brian Finke, Andrew Hetherington, John Huet, John Loomis, Landon Nordeman, Jamie Squire, Rob Tringali, Nathaniel Welch, and yours truly.

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