Golf Galaxy Spring 2014 Catalog Shoot

March 16th, 2014  |  Published in Behind the Scenes, Front Page, Golf, Noteworthy

It’s that time of year again in the golf industry…the beginning of the year means the an onslaught of new product launches by equipment companies, which means a barrage of e-mails, circulars and catalogs from retailers trying to move the new, latest-and-greatest drivers, putters, balls, and wedges.

And they all look the same. Here’s a club, turned upside down so you can see the sole plate, against a plain background. Buy this club. Look how pretty it is.

Not so the people at Golf Galaxy, which is why I love working for them. For the second year in a row, they hired me to shoot a library of images to be used for product launches, catalogs, e-mail campaigns, and in-store displays. But I didn’t shoot a single studio shot of the perfect club in the perfect light at the perfect angle.

You see, they know it’s the business is about selling equipment, sure–but they, and the people at their ad agency, Martino Flynn, know that it’s more than that. It’s about the game itself. About playing, about being with friends, about competing. It’s about the little nuances that make up the game, and everything that goes into it before and after you swing that latest, greatest testament to golf club design–which, of course, had to wind up in the picture somewhere as well. That’s what they asked me to capture during three days of shooting last December.

While I can’t post everything yet (once everything is into production I’ll be able to show some more), I can give a little feel for some the behind-the-scenes things that happened early in the morning…

Props assistant Chris Crumb presents the morning's glove selection to model Rob Roylance.

The most dangerous woman in Orlando, craft services genius Jessica Tripod, gets ready to load up her travelling cart with a selection of goodies that will force me to tack on an extra couple of miles of running every day between now and New Year's.

P.A. extraordinaire Paige Fisher helps me demonstrate why an f1.4 lens is a good idea.

Chris provides a little light while Golf Galaxy Marketing Director Nikki Thompson preps equipment in the prop cart.

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