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It’s been quite a frenetic and productive year down here in Texas and points elsewhere… I’ve gone on a 4,000-mile 4-day road trip with 4 rodeo cowboys, climbed into the giant scoreboard at the British Open, paid a visit to the inner sanctum of one of my favorite artists (and clients), started a very cool long-term personal project, seen new clients come into the fold, and old ones, well, fold. So after 12 months of portraits, music, sports, and storytelling, it’s time for that annual blog staple, the “Best Of” post. Here they are, my fourteen favorites that I shot in 2014.

NCAA Mens Basketball:  CBK Portrait of University of Texas Isaiah Taylor Portrait University of Texas/Austin, TX, USA 10/23/2014 X158862 TK1 Credit: Darren Carroll (Darren Carroll/Sports Illustrated)University of Texas point guard Isaiah Taylor, photographed in Austin for Sports Illustrated’s College Basketball Preview in October. (Canon 1DX, EF 70-200mm IS L-II)

Robert Earl Keen, photographed in his scriptorium, where he reteats to do his songwriting, at his ranch near Medina, Texas. (Darren Carroll)Legendary singer-songwriter Robert Earl Keen, photographed for his promotional materials in his “Scriptorium,” a writing retreat that he maintains at his ranch outside of Medina, Texas, in July. (Leica M240, 21mm Elmarit)

 (Copyright 2014) As part of an issue devoted to football in Texas, ESPN Magazine assigned me to cover the state’s longest-running rivalry game, El Campo vs. Bay City. The teams have played every year since 1920. Here, players wait inside the El Campo locker room before the start of the game. (Leica M240, 50mm Summilux)

Jacobs Crawley cooks dinner for 3 fellow saddle bronc riders as their van heads up I-5 near Salem, Oregon. (Darren Carroll)Sports Illustrated sent me on a road trip with four rodeo cowboys in July, and when I say road trip, I mean road trip. Here, saddle bronc rider Jacobs Crawley cooks dinner for his fellow cowboys at 70 mph in the midst of a 1200-mile trip from Prescott, Arizona to Molalla, Oregon. You can see more images from this story by clicking here. (Leica M240, Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 Heliar)

 (Darren Carroll)Walking off the 5th tee at Ridgewood Country Club during the Barclays in August, Rory McIlroy tossed a golf ball to 9 year-old Jackson Ward, who would be turning 10 the next day. He called it “the coolest birthday present ever.” Photographed for Getty Images. (Canon 1DX, EF 400mm f2.8L-II)

Ryann O'Toole prepares for the 2014 U.S. Women's Open Sectional Qualifying tournament at The Honors Golf Club Dallas in Carrollton, Texas. (Darren Carroll/USGA Museum)U.S. Open qualifying is a day of golf unlike anything else, a one-day, 36-hole pressure cooker completely devoid of the glamour and pomp & circumstance of the national championship its contestants are vying for a spot in. Ryann O’Toole, an LPGA Tour professional, is the first to arrive at the Honors Club in Dallas, Texas early one May morning, donning her spikes in the parking lot as she prepares to head to the driving range. Photographed for the United States Golf Association. (Leica M240, 35mm Summilux)

Peng Shuai is treated by a trainer during the women's semifinals of the 2014 U.S. Open Tennis Championships in Queens, New York. (Darren Carroll)At the U.S. Open in September, Peng Shuai had to withdraw from her women’s semifinal against Caroline Wozniacki after becoming dehydrated. Here, she’s looked at by a trainer to determine whether or not she can continue the match. More images from this assignment, for Sports Illustrated, are in this blog post. (Leica M240, 21mm Elmarit)

VON ORMY, TX - FEBRUARY 23: Charreada at Lienzo El Bajio in Von Ormy, Texas on February 23, 2014. (Photograph ©2014 Darren Carroll) (Darren Carroll)A bit of controversy as a team captain attempts to reason with the judge during a charreada at Lienzo El Bajio in Von Ormy, Texas in February. I began working on a personal project on this historic and traditional Mexican version of what we would call rodeo back in February (when this was taken), and work on the project continues into 2015. (Leica M240, 21mm Elmarit)

Coleadero (steer wrestling) competition at a charreada in Atascosa, Texas. (Darren Carroll)Coleadero, charreada’s version of steer wrestling, involves bringing a steer to the ground while the cowboy, or charro, stays on his horse. The charro does this by grabbing the steer’s tail, wrapping it around his right leg, and accelerating past the animal, whereupon the steer (hopefully) flips on its back. Atascosa, Texas, March. More images from the charreada project can be found in a gallery on my website. (Leica M240, 35mm Summilux)

HOYLAKE, ENGLAND, July 20, 2014. 2014 Open Championship ( British Open ), final round. Photographed at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England on July 20 2014. Photograph © 2014 Darren Carroll (Darren Carroll)Caroline Nicholls has been working inside the giant scoreboard above the grandstand at the 18th hole of the Open Championship (better known to those of us on this side of the pond as the “British Open”) for over 25 years. She now supervises the entire operation from her perch on the top floor, peering out of a small window and listening to a radio to gather scoring information. She then relays it verbally to workers like Harvey Jackson (left) inside the structure who change all of the player name placards and scoring boxes by hand. Photographed in July at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England for Golf World. (Leica M240, 35mm Summilux)

St. Paul's Cathedral, London, England, July 23 2014. ©2014 Darren Carroll (Darren Carroll)Playing tourist on a July afternoon in London. St. Paul’s Cathedral, photographed from across the Thames on Milennium Bridge. (Leica M240, 35mm Summilux)

2014 NCAA Basketball Championship. © 2014 Darren Carroll (Darren Carroll)Getting ready for the tip-off of the 2014 NCAA Basketball Championship in Dallas, for Sports Illustrated. (Leica M240, 21mm Elmarit)

Photo shoot in the bluebonnets, Bastrop County, Texas. (Darren Carroll)Working on an ongoing book project for a land development/hospitality company in my home town, I was asked to keep an eye out for pictures of the famous bluebonnets in the area, which only bloom for about a week-long period in April. I saw this happening at the side of the road on my way home one night, and fortunately had the camera in the car with me. (Leica M240, 35mm Summilux)

On deck, Hays County, Texas. (Darren Carroll)And speaking of why you should always take a camera with you everywhere you go… I was just messing around at my son Jake’s little league game as one of his teammates waited on deck one evening in April in Hays County, Texas. (Leica M240, 35mm Summilux)

Okay, so that was fourteen. But I need to put up just one more…

 (Darren Carroll)I would be remiss were I not to eulogize the passing of one of the publications primarily responsible for me being where I am today in this business. Golf World magazine published its last print issue in July, and with it most probably went the last of literally hundreds of golf tournament assignments that have helped to shape my career over the past dozen years. It was a great ride, and I’ll be forever grateful to picture editors like Matt Ginella, Christian Iooss, and Kerry Brady for entrusting me with all of those assignments, and editors like Geoff Russell, Jaime Diaz, Tim Murphy and Ron Sirak, and art director Tim Carr for putting out such an outstanding publication that respected the contributions of its photographers and used their photography to its full potential. It was an honor, then, to see my picture of Rory McIlroy, photographed on assignment for them at this year’s Open Championship, gracing the cover of what turned out to be the magazine’s last print edition. (Canon 1DX, EF 400mm IS-L II)


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